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Windmiller's Hints

On this page, I give you some of the hints I've gained over the years. 

I've got a GREAT page that will help you install a pump that will sit under the windmill.  You don't need a well, just a water source IF the water is within 25' of the ground under the windmill.  I call this a SIPHON SYSTEM. Check out this page for Pump Installation Instructions.

If you want to install a tower and windmill without a boom truck, look here: Footings/Installation Page

My latest page is called How to Install the Windmill, Tower and Hand Pump. THAT will help everyone!

I have a new page which describes how to install the lower pump cylinder that will help many of you that purchased the 449B 4 leather lower pump or if you have a siphon system pump.  You'll need to take a look at this page if you're going to be doing the installation.

I have a page on how to rebuild and re-pour the 602 Aermotor. Check it out!

Do you need to take a windmill and/or tower down?  Check that link out here: Removing the Windmill from the Tower.

Safety is always your number 1 priority!  Always wear a safety belt and tie yourself in if you're working on the tower.  If someone is working on the top, and someone is on the bottom, I recommend a hard hat for our bottom Windmiller. Too often tools or parts just leap off the tower!

You will need tools to work! Paul and I use a couple vise grips and punch most often to assemble the Windmills. An adjustable wrench is also a great idea. Since Windmill nuts and bolts are odd sizes, the adjustable works well. The ball peen hammer and channel locks should be close by.

If you are installing a water pumping system from scratch, then you'll get your well in first.  The next thing to do is mark out your tower leg holes. I have the footing specs for each sized tower that works perfectly! My rule is measure twice, dig once!  The holes should be 4 1/2 feet deep because the anchor posts are 5 feet tall.  That way the anchor sticks out 6" from ground level. The anchors are pre-drilled to bolt up to the tower. The tower holes must be plumb and level to have the tower be plumb and level. No hole should be greater than 4 1/2 feet deep.

If you are assembling the tower, the you want to start with the mast pipe and work your way down from there.  Install the upper turn off linkage and the platform at this point.  I suggest that you install all the nuts and bolts loosely at first.  When the tower is complete and all the girts and struts are in place, then start tightening from the top.  Attach the anchor posts when the crane is lifting the tower over the anchor holes.

If you need me to coordinate your project, and you can get the Windmill and tower built and laying on the ground, then I can help you!  Since I've been coordinating my own jobs, it will be a flash to help you with your job.  I always get 2% calcium chloride in my cement to help it set up fast.  That way the crane that's holding the tower up plumb and level can let go within a few minutes of the concrete pour. Then the boom truck can go down and pick up the windmill that's built and laying on the ground ready to go.  Keep me posted if you need a few more hint on "the day of the installation"!

Do you need help rebuilding your 702?