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Every system American Windmill sells will come with every nut, bolt and part needed to do a complete installation. All you'll need are the tools and manpower to put the Windmill up! Everything you need will be included in a giant do-it-yourself-kit! Someone is available almost every hour of every day to walk you through any problems that might arise installing the Windmill, hand pump or water pumping system.

One of my favorite Windmill Plumbing parts is the "old fashioned" 4' tall hand pump. We keep 3 types in stock!  These can pump a total head of over 300 feet with the right pump. E-mail me with your city state and zip code and I can give you a firm price delivered to your site! You will also need the lower pump cylinder, pump rod, pipe, flange and foot valve. Check out that hand pump page here.

All of our plumbing is top of the line material. We sell brass cylinders with honest-to-goodness leather cups, so there is no corrosion down the well.  Our pump rod is a 5/8 fiber rod with 2 guides and comes in 21' sections, just like the galvanized pipe, for easy installation. I will always specify a foot valve below the cylinder as a second check valve in the system. Do you need to "close your system off"? Then I recommend a packer at the well head. This will not only close off your water system to unwanted contaminants, but allows you to pump effortlessly up a hill to a storage tank like this one or pond! Please e-mail me if you need one part or the whole system.