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If you get the Windmill, you can also look on the How to Install the Windmill, Tower and Hand Pump page for LOADS of hints!

At American Windmills, we pride ourselves on our original Chicago Aermotor Windmills. Every windmill taken in is completely cleaned and disassembled. Your machine will start up in the slightest puff of wind.  Never-ever do we weld the windmill parts that WE sell! The windmills are as beautiful as you remember them from 60 years ago! From the outside the blades and tail look beautiful; some people call it patina. But on the inside, the motors are brand new!  All of my complete windmills come with installation manuals and our wonderful customer service. Every Aermotor Windmill we sell comes with a FULL 12 years warranty but with minor yearly maintenance, it should last for 50 years. You want a windmill that won't have any problems so that's what you'll get from AMERICAN WINDMILLS.

We feel that the WINDMILL is man's perfect machine!

We carry brand new Aermotor, FIASA, Baker and Dempster Windmills if that fits with your project.

A sample of the complete NEW American Windmills "special and beautiful" Aermotor Windmills we offer:

6' Aermotor $2600  (220 pounds…customer friendly)

8' Aermotor $2700  (360 pounds)

10' Aermotor $3950  (660 pounds)

12' Aermotor $6850  (1200 pounds)

14' Aermotor $9800  (too dang heavy)

These windmills will have the original double-dipped galvanized blades and tail.

If you like the PRIMO product, no bullet holes and PERFECT in every way, I have that too.  Let me know that you're interested in PRIMO.

Here's a 12' Aermotor on a funky tower that the customer built and we installed out of Reno Nevada.

Reno Windmill

How about this brand new 19' windmill and tower complete with anchor posts, a how-to video and the turn off system for $3650?  Nice huh?  Look for more information about this system here.

windmill at office close-up
Here's the 8' Aermotor on a 40 foot tower at my office in Placerville.

The smaller one is an 8' windmill on a 20' tower.

Windmills at Our Placerville Office
Here’s a picture of the office…see we really ARE in the business!

Water Pumping Windmill - Picture 1
Water Pumping Windmill - Picture 2
Water Pumping Windmill - Picture 3

Look at this BEAUTIFUL 12' windmill I have for $6850! It has the oil seals and roller bearings, vintage blades and tail, too.