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602 Rebuild

OK...Lots of you budding Windmillers and hobby enthusiasts out there want to try your hand at rebuilding your 602 AERMOTOR Windmills.  Let me say "Good luck" and here are a few hints to walk you through the process. (Are you sure you don't want to get my 30 dollar informational packet and e-mail me with the specific questions?)

  1. You need to disassemble the Windmill down to the gear box.   Remove the blades, spokes, tail tin, tail bone, bonnet and furling devices.
  2. Spin the hub and get the pipe plug to "12 o'clock".
  3. Remove the pipe plug, and with a big flat screw driver, remove the oil collector.
  4. Remove the big gears by removing the bearing bar and lifting off the big gears.
  5. Drive the 2 pins out of each little gear.  If they don't come out, you might have to drive them half way out and burn them off.
  6. Slide the hub and shaft out of the gear box.
  7. Completely clean the gear box.
  8. Ship us the gear box so I can repour it for you!  Only kidding!
  9. Burn out the old babbit with a torch.
  10. Take your bearing mold that has the oil return galley cut in and set it up so that you can pour the babbitt through the ports that are machined in the gear box.  I'm sure you'll have excellent results.  If you don't, send me an e-mail or better yet, send me the gear box and I'll pour ALL of the bearings for you, including the pitman arms.

Pour prices:

6' 602 Aermotor      $600

8' 602 Aermotor      $800

10' 602 Aermotor     $950

12' 602 Aermotor     $1150


This will come with a 10-year warranty on the parts. If you're interested in the oil seal and roller bearing model, we can do that too and give it the same 10-year warranty. It will cost from a couple hundred dollars on up, depending on the size and model. We'll rebuild the 702 model, too, with the oil seals and roller bearings.

My customer adds this important warning too:

"Ellen, I just read your article on the website about the 602 babbitt pouring. I highly recommend you add a warning about the burning of the old babbitt. These were commonly made of lead, and the torch will cause the lead to boil and fume. Inhalation of the lead fume can have serious health consequences. You can also suffer from the dust and getting the lead on your hands, and possibly ingesting it with your sandwich. Emphasis should be placed on maximized ventilation and possibly respiratory protection when ventilation is poor. Handwashing will get the lead off before lunch or dinner. Lead cannot pass through unbroken skin. Chronic lead poisoning is an insidious health threat, often with irreversible consequences."