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Removing the Aermotor Windmill From a Tower

Did you ever wonder how to remove the Aermotor Windmill from a tower? I can help you. If you follow these few basic instructions, you will safely be able to remove the Windmill and take it down in one piece.

  1. Turn the Windmill off at the bottom of the tower so it doesn't spin.
  2. Disconnect the wood rod at the bottom of the tower.
  3. Climb the tower with your safety belt, vise grips, rope, small pipe wrench, channel locks, needle nose pliers, light hammer and punch.
  4. Remove the bonnet (#560) and lower safely to the ground.
  5. Spin the wheel so that the cross head (#608/624) is half way to the top of the bale (#508).
  6. Vise grip the hub (#503/703) to the brake band (#690) closest to the bolted attachment, not close to the spring!
  7. Release the turn off lever at the bottom. This will give you more room to work on the platform.
  8. Remove the pin (#610) from the sucker rod (#171/172) at the cross head (#608/624). The sucker rod becomes free after you remove the pin so watch out! This will work for "newer style" Aermotors.
  9. After removing the cotter pin and using a small pipe wrench or vise grips unthread the sucker rod (#171/172). This is for the "older style" sucker rods.
  10. Lower the sucker rod with a rope safely to the ground.
  11. Remove the mast nut and washer (#578/579).
  12. Rope the outer band (#34) of the wheel (#799) to the tail frame (#639) so that the wheel is perpendicular to the tail frame as if it's running and can't fold up!
  13. Place the hook of the crane on the bale (#508) and lift the Windmill straight up and off. Make sure that the 2 bale pins (#508R) are in place. The Windmill will be perfectly balanced and the bale can hold the weight of the complete Windmill. Go slow and watch it's progress!
  14. When you get the Windmill close to the ground, drain the oil through the oil plug (#781).
  15. Have a few people to help you guide the Windmill gently to the ground and lay it on the front of the hub, wheel down, tail up in the air!
  16. Good Luck!

We are not responsible for any problems incurred while removing the Aermotor Windmill using this method. This will work 99% of the time in most typical situations! Naturally safety should be your #1 priority. Remember your hard hat!