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Hand Pumps

I have a hand pump that can pump YOUR well, really!  There are so many hand pumps to choose from and I want to make sure that you get the right one!  Look at the bottom of this page and you can help me size your system and give you some ball park prices!  If you give me your well depth, the case size and the level down to the standing water, then I can give you a cost on the hand pump system.  If you have a submersible pump, no problem!  I can fit in a 1 3/8" pump on one inch pipe and inside 2" casing.  Let me know if you need to pump the water "up" beyond the hand pump into a tank like this one.  Tell me if you want to attach the hand pump to a windmill now or in the future.  Hand pumps can even be attached to a jack pump.  A jack pump is run by a gas or electric motor and can do the "pumping" on the hand pump for you!

There are a number of hand pump adapters, too. You can attach a garden hose to the hand pump or just hang a bucket from the spout. The compression spout allows you to pump up a hill or you can even attach 1 ¼" pipe out the back of the hand pump and send the water anywhere on your property. Some of the hand pumps stroke can be adjusted for different people. If dad wants to pump and get more water, put the stroke on 10 inches. When the grandkids come over, set the stroke at 5" and they can do the pumping! PLEASE give me a situation and see if the hand pump will work for you! If you purchase one from me, then I'll tell you how to install it too! I'll make sure that you have all the right adapters, or I can send you just the hand pump.


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*** As a part of your hand pump system, you need the hand pump, lower cylinder, pipe, pump rod, a foot valve, threaded rod, the 5/8 to 7/16 adapter, a nipple, and the base flange. The flange is a cast iron part that helps you install it and level it around the well. They can be sanitary OR not, depending on if you're drinking from the hand pump. There is also the garden hose adapter which allows you to have someone pump and you can water the garden at the same time.

There are choices for hand need to ask yourself:

Once you answer these questions, contact us!

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If you have ANY questions PLEASE ask!   Call after 8:00 AM Pacific time: 530-644-3008.

These hand pumps provide a practical solution providing much needed clean water. These are strong pumps that are capable of providing many years of heavy service with minimal maintenance. Hand pump are able to pump water from wells as high as 350 feet.  They  are threaded internally to accept 1¼" or 2" standard steel drop pipe or PVC.  The pump rod adapter provided accepts either 7/16" or 5/8"  standard steel pump rod.

The pump handle has two positions for the fulcrum pin. Lifting ratios can be set at either 5 or 7.5 to 1.

All major parts are sturdy cast iron, which is resistant to rust and remains in good useful condition for many years. The only service needed is a change of the leather pump seals every 15 to 20 years, depending on water quality and amount of use. All these hand pumps are designed to use standard pump leathers.

My hand pumps are designed to be used with or without a windmill.  It is common for people to first purchase a hand pump and a year or two later to purchase a windmill, which greatly increases the amount of water available. The windmill can be easily erected directly over the hand pump and connected to it so that the hand pump can be used to pump water either manually or by wind power.